BRILLIO TEC SOLUTION SDN BHD is an innovative system integration and software development house located in Kuala Lumpur, established to provide a leading edge in Software Design and Development, IT Consultancy and Software Maintenance Services for businesses and organizations in order to better manage their information, resources and services.

The independent copywriting studio under BRILLIO TEC SOLUTION SDN BHD is one of the key businesses in the company. It provides customers with various types of copywriting services, providing customers with a more comprehensive one stop centre. The team understands customers’ needs by gaining insight into market trends from multiple perspectives. By using this information, they are able to plan and deliver corporate information in the most concise and professional manner! We are your corporate manuscript partners!

The services provided by the independent copywriting studio includes :

  • Planning and executing complete copywriting services
  • Planning and writing corporate website content
  • Enterprise introduction and brand story
  • Product promotional copy and manual
  • Refinement and content optimization
  • Multilingual translation and management

It Is Not About Thinking New Things But Doing It

We Are Brillio Tec

Catching up with the latest technology, developing new ways, leading the others and being a creator more than a follower. In a fast-paced world, we all need partners to share the same ideas so we can reach glory. This is who we are.

Brilliant and Billions
What we aim to achieve :
  • Helping businesses enhance their operation by developing and implementing high standard softwares and services.
  • Continually improving its people, product and services to better adapt to the ever changing world.
  • Maintaining a close communication with the customers to better understand their needs.
What we can do :
  • Leading the content creation process from start to finish, creating content that will speak to your target audience.
  • Helping you stand out from your competitors and reach your goals with the best content possible.
  • Customizing marketing contents based on your marketing strategies.

Worklife in Brillio Tec

Worklife in Brillio Tec can be challenging but also enjoyable. We give great ideas and bring the best result to all our works. It could be difficult but we would not stop because we enjoy what we do and the people we work with.

Our great circumstances of worklife attract many passionate young people, and we train them to be better. The result shows they are growing each year and able to follow the company's future plan. We are happy to see them growing and appreciate their service to the company.

We reward hard work. As an appreciation for your continuity serving the company, we want you to keep up the good work and continue growing.